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Tips to Make Amazing Explainer Videos

Tips to Make Amazing Explainer Videos

Creating a consumer base has always been an area of prime concern for an enterprise. Firms, startups, SMEs, and institutions have been emphasizing on making potential customers aware of the USPs of their products and services.

Explainer videos are an excellent way of engaging customers and making them aware of your products and services. Video production services have been recording, editing, and publishing short explainer videos encapsulating every attribute of the product and helping the customers to know about the USP of the product.

Thinking of making an explainer video? Here are the secret tips to mine the best engagement out of your videos.

Better content is always the ruler

An explainer video is a highly concise video (nearly 60 to 90 seconds). The speaker should be very much direct and concise rather than speaking the thesis on the product. The video should be embedded with creativity and should be able to target the minds of the customers. Some of the questions that a perfect video should be able to answer are given below.

  • Attributes of your product in just 2-3 lines
  • Your target audience
  • What makes your product stand out among the other similar products?
  • Could you encompass your ideas in a 60-90 seconds video?
  • Your tone of the conversation
  • The requirement of a call to action

Concision is the key

Explainer videos are merely an overview of the product and should be made highly concise. Studies suggest that longer videos are less likely to grab public attention as compared to short videos. You can go on speaking and eventually make the video disengaging. The key to this is 150 words per minute which makes you say sufficient points without making the video bland. Resorting to video editing services helps you cut down the video to the most engaging length and also retaining their essence.

Enumerate the benefits

It’s always the benefits that matter to the customer rather than the specifications of the product. Enumerating how using the product will make the customer’s life more convenient and productive engagingly lures them to try the product. The video should be able to communicate why the product stands out among the similar products of other brands. Show off about your product and how the product will benefit the customer.

Complexities may be complications

A complicated video is quite disengaging. You might speak volumes about the product but customers may not want that. Try to keep the video as simple as possible. Explain the benefits straight away without delivering unnecessary and complicated information. Promoting simplicity in your explainer video includes:

  • Enumerate the problems:List the problems faced by the customers.
  • Explain the solutions: Explain how using the referred product will solve the problem.
  • Working of the product/service: Brief the viewers about how the product functions.
  • How to contact: Tell the customers about how or whom to contact, how to order, etc.

Mind the audio and tone

Audio is one of the key engagement factors of an explainer video. Better audio quality with a clear and polished voice enhances the delivery of ideas to the viewers. A sharper audio quality helps the viewer to get a lucid glimpse of the concept delivered by the host of the video. Thus, investing in professional voices is a prime requisite when it comes to making an explainer video. The tone is also an important attribute to focus upon when it comes to delivering your ideas through an explainer video. Select your time strategically and try to embed professionalism in it. Your tone might be conversational, descriptive, etc. depending upon the idea you’re trying to convey. Adding relevant music in the background of the video may improve the quality of the video by manifolds.

A Launch Plan

The enterprise should have a perfect launch plan to avoid their efforts to end up in a vain. A perfect launch plan includes the following three things:

  • Selection of a perfect host: Selecting a perfect host is a much-required factor behind the success of an explainer video.
  • Developing a market plan: Select a plan to market your video i.e. how’ll the potential customers know about the launch of your video. Advertise your launch on social media, mass media, e-mails, etc.
  • Uploading of the video: Upload the video on your website, blogs, social media handles, etc. to make the video accessible to the customers.

Adding some “extras” to your video

Try adding some extras to your video to target every category of audience altogether and give the audience a reason to watch the video. Extras add a bit of entertainment to the video and make it much more engaging. “Extras” may include:

  • Adding witty sentences
  • Announcing giveaways and discounts for shopping through the referral link in the video
  • Introducing surprises for the audience

These things lure the audience to contact the audience for trying the product

Add visuals

Professional looking visuals are as important as using a professional voice and are a great way of increasing engagement on your video. Visuals are known for illustrating the concept in a much better and creative manner and resonates the audience. But too much of visuals could distort your message, making it vague for the audience.

Video production services in Delhi

The capital city Delhi is a hub of several renowned video production and editing services enabling thousands of firms to record, edit, and publish world-class explainer videos. The video production company in Delhi has highly qualified video editing professionals, equipped with techniques to get better engagement and meet your sales objectives.

In the end

Resorting to a video production company for explainer videos are an excellent way of introducing a new product and illustrating its concept to potential customers. We hope that these tips will guide you to get the best explainer videos and fulfill your organizational goals.

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