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How to make an explainer video

How to make an explainer video

Hey Folks! Would you like to know what an explainer video is all about?

An explainer video is a marketing tool which explains all about a product within a matter of seconds. You could easily advertise any new business product with the help of an explainer video. Like a resume, it functions to be a first and foremost impression about any commodity. 60-90 seconds video could easily attract a lot of consumers and get them familiarized with your product. For example, you might have listened to those short ads while playing songs on Spotify. They mainly focus on the soundtrack and better animations without overdoing it.

What are the common features you think that any explainer video should contain?

  • Should be short and precise.
  • Clearly state the intention.
  • Answer to a problem, here, the product.
  • Match the brand and its customers.
  • High content quality and production.

So what do you think is the most crucial part in creating an explainer video?

Well, it's all about the art of scriptwriting. Scripts are the basic foundation and better-composed script roots for better videos and enhanced sale of a product. It's always a better choice to choose a fresher to get along with all the script stuff because different perspectives may bring out the best in the business world. Your video would seem too lame without a solid foundation which we call, the script.

Oh, is it all about the script then? What would you say is the best time limit?

Doubtlessly, scripts are mainly focused but short and sweet messages tend to have a great deal. You could remember something more effective only if it is told to you in a limited manner. Simply explaining to and fro about the product will do no good. So it is really important to be very concise. Videos that are 90 seconds or less, are exemplary. It ought to be very simple. For instance, the first half of the video should talk about the current problems the consumers are facing. The next part should usually introduce the product and give it a satisfying solution. Finally, it should convince them to buy the product. If you know the essence to attract a customer, then get on the ship. It's sailing time. It could be really tempting to show off all the features, be it a new product, app, or any web service. Rather than focusing more on the features, you could give a little more summarizing about the benefits of the product!

So I'm curious about what happens after the scriptwriting?

Fair enough! Once you complete that, you will need a voiceover. Don't worry if your voice is not so pleasing; we have a backup plan. There are several websites which provide you with voiceover facilities like the, crazy Craigslist, Fiverr where you can find voiceovers for cheap. Professional voice tends to serve the best. No one would be really interested in hearing a broken or robotic voice. Then comes the explainer video production.

Can the production be done on a small budget?

Well, that depends on how you want your video to look. If you want a high-quality video, you will have to be willing to pay a lot of bucks. The greatest boon is that highly talented video experts would work with you guiding every single step. Companies like Studio pigeon, Explainly, Flikli, Demo duck guarantee you with first-class videos. But in case you would like to go on with a low budget, you could try PowToon, which is great for someone with fundamental computer knowledge. Can't promise that it would be such a masterpiece like the others, but it is worth the try.

Anon, should the video be all funny or serious?

Fortunately, yes, we people love being entertained, be it any age group. Adding catchy words, jokes, surprises helps build a strong connection with the product. Humour always serves as the best side dish in combination with the script. Be it a relationship or business; humour always has a habit of winning hearts. It is always advisable to use personal pronouns like 'you' and 'your'. Don't get the consumers thinking by using more and more technical terms which is completely not recommended.

Could we give it a try by adding some spice with animations and music?

The next stop is the animations. It can be quite difficult if it is going to be your very first try, but they can be your sauce to your pasta. There are several tools available on the website which helps you overcome this difficulty such as GoAnimate, Biteable etc. Music soothes all the pain, similarly adding some background music to the tone can do wonders to the video. Several amazing kinds of music is found in services like YouTube, Tunefruit, Audiojungle,, etc. Their cost is usually less and more user friendly.

Is a plan required for the launch?

Well, this is the final step, but it stands top on the priority list. Planning to launch a video is of more importance after you are done creating a video. But mostly in the process of creating a video, people forget to prepare the launch plan. We all aim for a successful launch; in that case, there are three simple steps.

  • First of all, select a good host such as Wistia, Vidyard etc.
  • Secondly, have a better plan and then execute it wisely. Your video might not go so viral, but you could take more steps to ensure that it gets the peoples' attention.
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  • Finally, the video has to be integrated on the website.

The video arrangement should effectively go with your brand and the content given. Creating an explainer video could get you quite a bit of money. However, every single penny may count in startups. Now, what are you waiting for? Go grab a cup of coffee and start making an explainer video; there are many online tutorials available to lend you their helping hand! I hope things will turn out just fine! Fingers crossed!

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