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Animation is how the fantasy of all the creators can virtually come into life. This is the technology that allows unrealistic stories to be depicted and reach a large audience. They say that animation can explain anything that a mind cannot conceive. It is all about creating illusions and making your imaginations get a platform to be expressed at.

How is animation used?

Animation is used by various methods like drawing successive pictures, models, puppets, or any product that can do justice to the visuals of the required animation. These help in creating a proper sequence of movement of any specific scene. This is done effectively by the animation production services.

This is a successful means to show the movement of every scene since the human eye can only retain an image for 1/10 second, so in a consecutive direction of images, the brain interprets it as a continuous movement. The average film rate used is 24 frames per sound to smooth events and characters.

There are many different types of animations that are used in the market. Each of them has another method and is used for different sections.

The types of animations available in the market are listed below:

1. Traditional animation-

This is the oldest and the most authentic form of animation called cel animation, as the images are drawn on transparent celluloid paper. This technique works like a flipbook where the entire image needs to be the same except for the movement you wish to show.

The illusions that need to be depicted are created via drawing every scene. This method can be very time-consuming and lengthy, but now we have a digital printer that makes traditional animation easier.

2. Vector-based animation-

Vector animation is considered a type of 2D animation but is not a part of traditional animation since it mainly focuses on the vector graphics of a scene. Here, the motion of the scenes is controlled by vectors instead of pixels. Pixel images refer to JPG, BMP, etc., that cannot be expanded or changed in their size without affecting the quality of the picture.

This is not the case in vector animation. Vector graphics are highly efficient since the image quality in this animation is not altered when the image size is changed. It is mathematical-based animation that works on precision and accuracy.

3. 3D animation-

3D animation is widely used in today's world since it is the most convenient and advanced form of animation. Although it does not involve physical drawings and sketches to be made, it still is a long process since the accuracy and visuals of the images need to be flawless.

The movement of characters in this animation is depicted by using other programs that focus on every body part. The first design visualizes every frame that needs to be added, and then the computer calculates the motion of every frame designed.

4. Model or stop-motion animation-

This is a type of 3D animation. They use models to depict their visuals and make sure the models used are of clay or wire that can be bent easily into any design and shape. Here, instead of drawing, the models are changed slightly and then captured to show a transition in the same position.

Even though this animation avoids any drawing to be done by you, it is considered one of the most tedious and time-consuming types of animation since the model needs to be moved multiple times after every single shot.

All the animations mentioned above have their margin or usage in the market and have particular drawbacks and benefits. Therefore, choosing the type of animation depends on your needs and demands from your project.

To provide you with the best quality and efficiency of animation, we, Ubiq Media, are here to help you out with our services. We are known to be one of the best animation companies in Delhi since we are dedicated to working for our clients efficiently to help them meet their demands and expectations.

The traits that our animation team as an animation video maker in Delhi has are beneficial as those are the qualities that make an animation successful.

These qualities are mentioned below:

● Creativity and artistic talent-

Animation is all about creativity and imagination. It is essential to have an idea of the visuals that are expected by the customers and be able to imagine the set vision. After understanding the concept and fantasy of the scene, it is needed to have the talent to execute the imagination on paper.

● Attention to the details-

When it comes to fantasy imagination, every minute detail is of great importance since they contribute to the essence of the event that needs to be depicted. Therefore, an animation creator should be open to making any changes the client demands until their work is up to the mark.

● Be able to meet deadlines-

Animation is a very time-consuming and critical domain of creation that needs a lot of attention. Although, it is essential, as animation creators, to meet the set deadlines and provide the best of our services to all our customers.

Ubiq Media is an animation studio in Delhi dedicated to working on your project efficiently and effectively without letting you down. Our animation team is highly advanced and experienced, so we can assure you that our work will be of excellent quality. Do reach out to us for any further doubts or queries by viewing our website or call the number available.

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