About Us

About Us

We are a full service film production house based out of Delhi NCR. Professionally managed and built on a rock solid foundation spanning eons of experience; we are all about achieving an exceptional production quality through integrity, creativity and a differentiated approach.

We are passionate about one thing and that is - differentiating ideas, and we believe in giving them innovative shapes and sounds that astound their audiences. Through our unrivalled creative expertise, we design adaptive workflow solutions and impeccable customer service.

‘UBIQ’ – a crisp and precise portrayal of the term ‘Ubiquitous’ meaning omnipresent or pervasive. We are not your average film makers, but thought leaders who transform ideas into enterprise.

Powered by creativity and driven by technology, we are a breed of passionate perfectionists with a wide ranging experience of voluminous years in diverse disciplines; ranging from films, TV, audio-visuals, photography and communications services as a whole.

We function from your point of view. Our mission is to establish a long-standing relationship that would transform your challenges into meaningful stories that can make an impact.

Whether you need to promote your business, a product, a service, or cover an event, rest assured we will put all our energy and experience in making sure you get what you desire.

We conceptualize differentiated solutions, customised to the minutest detail, which creates an everlasting impression on the minds of the audiences.

Our core competencies are no doubt - films and Audio Visuals, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath, we are an all-encompassing phenomenon that takes care of all your communication needs.