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7 Types of Photography Styles you need to know

A picture speaks thousands of words, but it is the technique and art of the photographer to capture the snapshots that speak for themselves. With the growing technology and new trends, photography has emerged as one of the most glamourous and talked about professions. Photography is not just limited to recreation now, but now the photographers also earn a hefty amount of money while pursuing their passion.

A piece of proper knowledge about every profession and passion is necessary to gain before pursuing it. So here we will be talking about the 7-most popular styles of photography which are not only the trend nowadays but also serve as a great profession for the people.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is the most common style of photography, and most novice photographers start their passion for photography by capturing nature. It is the style of capturing the beauty of the outdoor scenery. It is the art of capturing the essence of nature with the lens.

From the heart throbbing pictures of mountains to the lush green snapshots of meadows, landscape photography attracts the viewers' attention and fills their soul with zeal. This style brings people closer to the majestic beauty of mother nature.

In modern times, landscape photography is not limited to nature, but it captures man-made constructions too.


Since pictures speak louder than the texts, photojournalism takes the help of snapshots to tell the news story. The images clicked by the photojournalists depict the emotional impact of human presence. It presents the unspoken stories of the people in front of the world. The clicked pictures usually carry a profound message and leave a spot on the heart of the newsreaders. It raises awareness on various issues on national and international platforms.Photojournalism usually refers to still images, but sometimes it includes videos too.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the style of capturing the mood and attitude of the person. Its primary focus is the face. Humans are full of different emotions, and portrait photography gracefully captures these emotions. It captures the facial expressions of an individual, which in turn reflects their personality. Portrait photography effectively utilises the lighting, background, poses to capture the picture.

A person's body does not matter in portrait photography. It is the face that speaks for the portrait photographed pictures. The portrait photograph is planned and rehearsed. It is why candid snapshots do not fall under portrait photography.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is focused primarily on capturing the events and activities in the wedding. The Indian Weddings are grand, and the wedding photography services capture this grandeur of the wedding events. It captures the prominent moment of a person's life so that they remember it well after seeing their wedding pictures. Wedding photography is not limited to the only wedding day. It now also includes a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Since during the wedding everyone is stressed because of fatigue, the photography service provider has to maintain a positive mood to lighten up the heavy atmosphere and capture the inner happiness of the people. Wedding photography services have very little time for error as the wedding is a one day function. So they have to be extra attentive to capture every moment of the wedding.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is the photography of clothing, shoes or other fashion items to make these items desirable for customers. The snapshots are glamourous and appealing, which usually force customers to purchase the items.

Fashion Photography in Delhi is quite popular and provides several courses in this field too. This style of photography is usually most sought by people due to the glamour and style in this field. It also gives the chance to work with celebrities and models. Fashion photography is often conducted by different brands to promote their items too. The courses in Fashion Photography in Delhi provide several tips to aspiring photographers to excel in this field of charisma and enchantment.

Sports Photography

Sports photography includes the photography of all sorts of sports. From the heart-throbbing football kicking picture of Christiano Ronaldo to the "winning six" shot of cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, sports photographers capture the excitement of sports in the snapshot itself. Sports photography also includes snapping pictures for advertising the sports brand or advertising the sport.

Sports are always fast-paced, so photographers always have to stay alert to capture every moment of the sport. Sports photography does not always include "action images". It also includes candid shots of players or images of fans enjoying the sport.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography includes capturing the images of buildings and human-made structures. It is simply not just taking a snapshot of buildings, but it includes the capturing of the aesthetic beauty of the buildings that makes viewers' astonished by the beauty of the structures.

The architectural pictures are meant for professional work. Architectural photographers are hired by the people to show the snapshots of their buildings and property to their clients. These photographers also come in handy when a person has to sell his house or a building. Architectural photographers capture a different perspective in their pictures, thus presenting a whole new view to the potential buyers.

Final Overview

A photographer sees the world from his lens and a different perspective. If photography is your passion and you want to develop it as your profession, start seeing the world from different angles. A successful photographer is the one who presents his point of view meticulously in front of other people.

Every field and profession has its own set of challenges and difficulties. Similarly, every style of photography has a different technique and approach. The same methodology cannot be applied to every kind of photography otherwise, it ruins the picture. So it becomes necessary to inspect the field of interest and approach before opting for any style of photography. Various photography service providers help people to recognize their interest in a certain kind of photography.

So inspect your preferences, study the techniques and then go for the photography style that suits you the most.

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