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We are a photo & video production company

‘UBIQ’ – a crisp and precise portrayal of the term ‘Ubiquitous’ meaning omnipresent. We are not your average film makers, we are thought leaders who transform ideas into enterprise.

Powered by creativity and driven by technology, we are a breed of passionate perfectionists with a wide ranging experience of voluminous years in diverse disciplines; ranging from films, TV, audio-visuals, photography and communications services as a whole.

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Who We Are

‘UBIQ’ – a crisp and precise portrayal of the term ‘Ubiquitous’ meaning omnipresent or pervasive. We are not your average film makers, but thought leaders who transform ideas into enterprise. Our team specialise in developing memorable campaigns from concept through to delivery. We are passionate directors, filmmakers, script writers, illustrators, designers, animators, and photographers. We collaborate with an ever evolving network of specialist creative talent.

Our Approach

We are a full service film production house based out of Delhi NCR. Professionally managed and built on a rock solid foundation spanning eons of experience; we are all about achieving an exceptional production quality through integrity, creativity and a differentiated approach. We are passionate about one thing and that is - differentiating ideas, and we believe in giving them innovative shapes and sounds that astound their audiences. Through our unrivalled creative expertise, we design adaptive workflow solutions and impeccable customer service.

Why choose UBIQ MEDIA Video Production Crew?

  • Creative Crew- Over two decadesold proactive hierarchy of goal seekers
  • Equipment– Inhouse modern video equipment can make your video stand out
  • Inhouse Edit Suits – Multiple edit, GFX, animation suits packed with market leading software.
  • Strategic Script writing- Most experienced writers write with visuals in mind
  • Quick turnaround- We make every minute count and meet your timeline
  • Unlimited Revisions- We don’t stop till we meet your expectation

What We Do


So if you need still photography for any purpose, we’re should be your first call. With expertise in Wedding, Fashion, Product, Corporate and Journalistic photography and more we’ll capture the moments you need in a way that’s well, momentous.

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Film Production

We function from your point of view. Our mission is to establish a long-standing relationship that would transform your challenges into meaningful stories that can make an impact.We expert in Corporate films, Documentary films, Wedding Films and more

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We believe that character and story are the most powerful ingredients that engage an audience. These are what we create to entertain, educate and inspire. We expert in 3D, 2D animation, Graphics.

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We deliver turnkey solutions, covering all aspects of the trade. We have proven track record of setting up cost efficient, international quality and future integrated media networks in record timings for reputed clients.

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Our Clients